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Sarah Conway
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‘I think we’ve seen the end of all the changes, I say with my fingers crossed,’ muses Conway on the myriad legislative movements affecting HNW property owners. ‘I think we know where we are now, with everything that’s happened since December 2014 and after the election, and I’m hoping there aren’t going to be any surprises in the next five years. I think clients understand that as well.’

The real estate group head started the practice in January 2013 after moving from
Allen & Overy, where for fourteen years she was responsible for most of the firm’s high-value residential work.

The warm, bright Conway has her work cut out for her — not least when clients are flying her to Moscow on short notice, as one has. ‘Once a client trusts you, they want to use you for everything,’ she has previously told Spear’s. ‘Perhaps it’s an extreme example, but one client phoned and said, “Sarah, please can you sort out my air conditioning? It’s not working.” And of course I did; they think you are everything, and can do everything — and you can.’