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Rupert Ticehurst
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Top Six Contentious Trust Lawyers

Rupert Ticehurst has some excellent theories on what makes a good contentious lawyer: ‘If litigators were dogs, a client would need a mutt with a mix of qualities – not bred for anything in particular, and so able to adapt.’

While his background is in advising on non-contentious trusts, wills and tax planning, Ticehurst’s bread and butter has always been litigation. The two disciplines inform each other: as a private client lawyer he is well placed to foresee how a trust or estate may be attacked; as a litigator he understands why trusts are established and how they work in practice.

Slutsker v Haron is perhaps his most memorable case. Here, he acted for the successful defendant in a matrimonial case: ‘Essentially two extremely wealthy people slugging out ownership of a £40 million London property.’

Ticehurst wishes clients would better understand that getting the most aggressive lawyer is unlikely to work in their favour in the long run. ‘Aggressive lawyers – the rottweilers – achieve one thing, which is a prolonged, bitter negotiation,’ he says. He believes the most effective litigators are able to coax the other side into discussing things in calm circumstances, so that a compromise can be reached.