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If you were looking to sell a house in the country, the chances are that someone at some point would recommend you speak to Rupert Sweeting. Recently promoted to become Knight Frank’s national head of country sales, he has been living and breathing the countryside for his entire adult life, having joined the firm from the Royal Agricultural University in Cirencester 30 years ago.

In the newly created role he oversees the firm’s £5 million-plus countryside transactions. ‘I’m out on the road a lot more and seeing a lot more people and 2017 was better than the previous year,’ he says, clearly pleased.

It certainly helps that HNWs have been taking advantage of the disparity in value between London and the country. At the £5 million range, he highlights the ‘50:50’ split between British and overseas buyers, while above £10 million, international UHNWs now account for 60 per cent of transactions.

‘Three years ago, the Russians didn’t buy a thing above £5 million in the country,’ he says. ‘This year, they’re up to 17 per cent of the sales we’ve been involved with.’

Clients cite Sweeting’s ‘endless’ patience and sensitivity. They insist that if he’s selling for you ‘no one will work harder’, but if you’re buying from him he’ll always drive a hard bargain. Industry experts echo the praise: ‘Rupert is one of the best-connected agents in the industry,’ says one. ‘A true countryman renowned for his unwavering integrity.’