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Rupert Phelps

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Rupert Phelps
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Top Seven Family Office Advisers

Formerly Savills’ director of family office services, Rupert Phelps switched to Smith & Williamson last year, assuming responsibility for relationships and business opportunities across its family office services.

His book covers ‘business-owning families, liquidity events, cash-generative operating companies… there’s no other firm in this country that has a wider, more aligned, more relevant range of services for such clients’.

Unusually, Phelps is partner on both S&W’s investment management and tax and business services wings. ‘It’s very consistent,’ he says of the investment team. ‘They’re not for people who want to shoot the lights out and invest in Russian mines, but they’re absolutely superb for long-term investment, whether people want a bit more income or capital value. They’re really, really good at that.’

A 20-year financial services veteran, Phelps was also London head of family office services at BNY Mellon for seven years. Despite leaving Savills on ‘very good’ terms, the move was something of a homecoming. ‘My natural habitat is actually in the Square Mile – in the regulated financial services sector. And believe it or not, I actually like it,’ he says. ‘I like the sense of purpose when you walk around here – there’s no people staring into windows dithering away. People are here to work and do business, and to help their clients – hopefully.’