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Ward recalls pestering Pereds founder Perry Press (a close friend of the Beatles, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin) for a job at the pioneer property consultancy. Press was the go-to guy in the Sixties, he says, for the cream of the rock aristocracy once they’d tired of screaming girls on tour and were looking to settle down in discreet homes around London and the UK.

What has changed since? ‘They are not generally quite as rich as they used to be,’ says Ward. While he still maintains close relationships with rock stars from that era, he finds himself increasingly dealing with bankers, lawyers and a range of HNWs from other industries.

‘Our USP is us, really,’ he says. ‘We have a good insight into what people actually want and we have more knowledge probably than any — Perry’s been doing it for the 50th year this year, can you believe that?’

Ward has seen a myriad of properties in his fourteen years with the company, from swimming pools that transform into dance floors and Sir Frank Lowe’s palatial house at 50 Glebe Place, which has a palazzo within the drawing room. But one thing that is consistent is the demand for ‘decent family homes’, which has seen the company ‘selling quite a lot of houses — a record price per square foot for nearly every one of them’.