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Ross Elder

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Ross Elder
Wealth Managers 2018
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Top Ten HNW Wealth Managers

A perennial fixture of our HNW top ten, Ross Elder has swiftly acquired a reputation as a class act with a rare commitment to his clients, who are mainly UK-based entrepreneurs and financial professionals.

‘They are sophisticated, although not always financially sophisticated,’ he tells us. ‘We consider them the type of individuals who are most reluctant to relinquish control, having in the most part created their own wealth from the ground up. But they trust their own judgement, and that is why they have selected a private investment office rather than one of the incumbent stockbrokers or private banks.’

Ben Stern, another leading figure at the firm, says the firm’s clients believe that the majority of active funds underperform after fees, so are attracted to our focus on niche managers. ‘After a long bull market with many asset classes at all-time highs,’ he says, ‘our clients have also been particularly interested in the investments we have been able to source in alternative asset classes that still offer value and the potential for strong returns.’ Any examples? ‘Private debt, where it is possible to achieve private equity-type returns but with the security of a first legal charge on an underlying asset.’ All in all, this is a fresh and impressive offering with a market-leading reputation.