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Ross Ciesla
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What do the Beatles have to do with wealth management? More than you might think, according to Ross Ciesla. In part, he puts an uptick in AuM at Veritas – from £1.7 billion in 2017 to more than £2.5 billion today – down to a hiring strategy that encourages a distinctly philosophical, collaborative approach. ‘We like bright people who enjoy helping each other grow and improve, much like Lennon and McCartney worked as a cohesive unit to constantly help better themselves,’ he says. ‘We like that model.’

With an eye to the future, Ciesla notes that firms that are apt to ride the waves of technological advancement are the ones most likely to prosper.

‘The world is going through a huge rewiring of infrastructure,’ he says. ‘The old guard of GE and IBM are struggling to compete in a more cloud, AI and digitally wired world. They may have built the world’s infrastructure post-WWII, but now they are struggling to adapt in a new era. Others like Microsoft and Amphenol are blossoming. Investors that understand this shift should better understand where to avoid and where to invest.’

Ciesla was director of investment management at Newton Investment Management from 1998-2010, where he was the lead fund manager for segregated, balanced pension schemes managed within the private investment management department.