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Rosie Schumm
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‘The current court system is paralysed by delays, riddled with uncertainty and generally out of sync with the needs of my HNW clients,’ says Schumm. ‘They want, and deserve a better solution.’

A family lawyer with ten years’ experience, Schumm specialises in complex HNW divorce cases, typically involving trusts, offshore assets and family businesses. An expert in financial and children’s matters, she is also experienced in preparing and negotiating pre- and post-nuptial agreements.

One of family law’s new guard, she sees a better way forward: from private negotiation hearings (see page 68) to round-table meetings, from mediation to arbitration, the ‘patchwork quilt’ of resolution methods needs further exploration, she says. ‘The best of us are finding the right, nuanced approach for our clients — which involves being creative and pragmatic.’ But that won’t stop her doing ‘all it takes’ to seal the deal for clients (while keeping ‘everything, as much as possible, on an even keel’).

Warm and engaging, the Oxford-educated lawyer previously worked at Manches (now Penningtons Manches) and Camilla Baldwin in Mayfair, and joined Wedlake Bell as a partner in September 2014.