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Robert Hughes-Penney


Robert Hughes-Penney
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Born in Rio and with an education and military career which spanned South Africa, Canada, Germany and the UK, Robert Hughes-Penney has a broad knowledge of cultures, people, and markets. It is perhaps this diversity which enables him to help such a wide range of clients.

‘Some are busy professionals, some are entrepreneurs, some are retired, some just starting out in life,’ he says. ‘All are different, yet all have one thing in common: they want to face the future with confidence.’

Hughes-Penney wants to use wealth planning to bring families together: ‘One of a wealth manager’s most rewarding experiences is when the client relationship is deepened as a result. Ideally, wealth management – like wealth itself – should transition smoothly from one generation to the next.’

That requires more than just a delicate touch: it requires a keen eye for opportunities in the market. He sees potential in UK equities, arguing that having ‘underperformed other major developed markets so far in 2018. Following this poor run, we believe UK shares look attractive relative to global peers across various measures of value.’

Hughes-Penney likes to keep busy and uses his experience to benefit trusts, charities, and organisations outside of work.