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Robert Brodrick
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‘Our work continues regardless,’ says Robert Brodrick, carrying a soothing sense of stability during his catch-up with Spear’s despite the pandemic.

‘What we’re dealing with is [a mix of] personal matters that concern human relationships, and things that really aren’t always linked to the economy,’ he says. When private clients are ‘feeling vulnerable’, they scrutinise their personal affairs and pick up their phone to trusted advisers like him.

However, market volatility has also concerned Brodrick’s financially sophisticated clients, who were reviewing portfolios and considering gifting options since valuations fell across sectors.

Brodrick, a fixture in our top ten, relishes his role as chair of Payne Hicks Beach’s management board – a position of considerable eminence in his field. But he is still very much client-facing, and his practice continues to include a Middle Eastern specialism.

When asked about the mobility of international HNWs, he says ‘the rules are now so complicated’ that regardless of whether one is considering a move to or away from the UK, careful, considered legal advice is still needed. But overall, the UK still remains attractive to a segment of global society due to its rule of law, schools and ‘geographic proximity to all the places they want to be’.

Brodrick started off at Withers before joining Trowers & Hamlins in 2004. In 2012 he moved to Payne Hicks Beach with a small team.