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Many of Robert Bailey’s 35 years of experience were accrued at Knight Frank. He set up the firm’s dedicated buying arm, the Buying Solution, then struck out on his own in 2005. Bailey has a knack for finding the right property for his exacting clients.

He tells Spear’s about a recent deal he engineered for a Middle Eastern family based in London. Having been briefed with a list of very specific requirements, Bailey knew just the place, but there was a problem: it wasn’t for sale. Undeterred, he put a handwritten note through the letterbox.

‘I introduced myself and, without giving too much away, outlined that I was acting for a retained client who would be very interested in buying their house.’ Soon after, Bailey received a call from the owner. ‘He began by telling me that he received letters virtually every week from agents claiming to have a buyer for his house and that he had never responded to one before.

He said that there was something different and more genuine in the letter that resonated with him.’ Bailey agreed a price ‘over £10,000,000 less than the owner had asked for originally’. And, he adds – crucially for both buyer and seller – contracts were exchanged ‘without anyone finding out’.