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Roarie Scarisbrick
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‘It’s no secret that it hasn’t been an easy ride,’ Property Vision’s Roarie Scarisbrick tells Spear’s. ‘However, given the context, we’ve actually had a really good year. In London we’ve done well in tough market conditions. When it comes to the upper end of the market we’ve had one of our better years.’ Scarisbrick, a history of art graduate, joined Property Vision in 2004 and spent his first year on a scooter whizzing from A to Z, looking at nearly 1,000 properties in his first 12 months. He tells Spear’s that more than ever the clients he deals with – when the conditions are tough and the market becomes difficult – want advice. He adds: ‘It’s been refreshing to engage in more of a buyers’ market than we’re used to. The deals we’ve been doing are great deals. We’ve been rolling our sleeves up and getting involved in some really interesting negotiations. ‘What’s different is that it has been more of a cherry-picking exercise. There are some great things out there – a lot are very overpriced. Our job in these market conditions is to find out who’s a willing seller and where we can do a sensible negotiation. We’re not looking to beat people up, we’re just looking for really good property at the right price for the clients.’