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Roarie Scarisbrick
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Scarisbrick can tell you which pubs empty their bottle bins at 4am and will happily scale the South Bank Tower in a builder’s hoist, so little will keep him from securing the best deal.

Last year was no barrier: ‘Conditions like this are quite fun for us because we can actually do some negotiation,’ says the amiable Scot. ‘In a bullish market you haven’t got very much leverage, you clearly have to buy the house or move on.’

Scarisbrick has advised on more than £80 million of property purchases, ranging from £5 million-plus family houses in Notting Hill and Kensington to flashier new-build flats that were ‘designed, done up and kitted out for a very international market’ but are increasingly going to British buyers as second homes — a surprising new trend.

‘Roarie is the pre-eminent buying agent in the prime London market,’ says a peer. Clients agree: ‘Roarie is fantastic,’ says one. ‘What I liked most is that he always said, “Leave it to me,” and I knew I could ,’ says another. ‘It wasn’t like with most other people who say, “Leave it to me,” and it all falls apart.’

When not relocating globe-trotting HNWs, Scarisbrick heads to the Highlands, where he grew up, and travels the world in search of hard-fighting fish.