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Richard Brass
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The Hamburgian bank is not only one of the oldest financial institutions in the world, tracing its roots back to the 1590s – it’s also on trend with its dynamic range of institutional and private investors. Richard Brass, Berenberg’s head of UK wealth and asset management, reports that the interest in environmental, social and governance-type investments is ‘not showing any signs of waning’, and as a move to meet this demand an ESG office was opened this year. ‘It’s an important development,’ he says.

In traditional assets, Brass sees Berenberg’s ‘broad and global’ equity research as an advantage. Clients find public equities appealing in the low interest rate environment, as they value liquidity: ‘An international outlook, together with our strong small/mid cap coverage alongside large caps, help to differentiate our investment philosophy and offer clients diversified portfolios.’

One of the challenges for the industry is increasing regulatory pressure, he says, but he sees technology as a valuable aid: ‘We can see how fintech evolution will be a significant contributor.’

Brass qualified as a chartered accountant at KPMG before beginning his career in corporate finance, co-founding the European office of Compass Advisers. He then spent two years in emerging markets with Montpellier Asset Management. Brass joined Berenberg from Schroders in 2011.