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Rachel Bentley
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PwC’s director of private clients has advised clients all over the world: Rachel Bentley’s work has taken her from Japan to the US and South Africa since 2012. Nowadays she’s particularly focused on developing a private wealth practice in Cape Town – part of the firm’s strategic alliance with its African network.

Bentley’s global reach has given her a deep understanding of the flow of capital and labour across the planet, as well as all related tax issues. ‘The twin goals of fairness and simplicity must be at the heart of global fiscal policy in order to build a system fit for the future,’ she says.

It’s a connected world, and one where wider transparency measures mean tax and reputation can go hand-in-hand. Bentley views GDPR as a powerful tool with which to uphold personal privacy. ‘Individuals and families should have a clear understanding of what data-sharing means for their situation, and should have a strategy to manage this which may include simplification of their global financial affairs,’ she tells us.

Trust is another weapon she has faith in – but it’s certainly not an instrument fit for all: ‘Careful consideration should be given as to whether trusts can help the family meet its objective,’ she says.