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Quentin Marshall
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‘From a human perspective, the coronavirus crisis is utterly tragic. From a commercial perspective, we can draw out positives,’ says Quentin Marshall when Spear’s catches up with him.

‘There was a reduction in the number of transactions that people were doing, which is understandable,’ he adds. However, clients are now taking up Weatherbys’ services more than ever: ‘Our predominant role is day-to-day banking – deposits and lending money – all of which is still needed. And all the things that we do for clients, we can do remotely.’ On the investment side (the firm solely offers advice), all portfolios have performed well; they’ve remained consistent, which is a win in the current climate.

The main task for banks at the moment, says Marshall, is ‘responding to needs’, and for those who have suffered a diminution in wealth this means sticking to a mantra of ‘do not react’. ‘The worst thing you can do is be knocked off course by something that, in 20 years’ time, will be seen as short-term,’ he says.

Weatherbys’ year-on-year performance is up, and technological advancement is taking a front seat, with experiments in how AI can interact with human services under way. While the firm does review its strategy annually, it is generally reaffirmed; whatever Marshall is offering to the market, people are taking up.