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Property Vision is about more than getting deals over the line, says senior partner Philip Harvey. ‘We’re so much more than a buying agency,’ he tells Spear’s. ‘Our specialisation is helping private clients, helping people who want to find and acquire the best.’

For Harvey, the buck doesn’t stop at bricks and mortar when it comes to service. ‘We try to identify with the emotional requirements of our clients as well as the property requirements,’ he says. ‘How do they want to live their lives?’

He recalls a client who wanted a ‘really special’ house in West Sussex that ‘didn’t exist’ in the allotted area. He convinced the client (and their pilot) to take their helicopter over the area to illustrate his point. ‘We ended up finding them a beautiful house in Hampshire,’ he beams.

Harvey joined Property Vision in 1991 and has built up one of the strongest contact books in country property. Two years after his appointment as senior partner, he is as optimistic in the market as ever.

After the certainty brought about by the general election there are now fewer reasons not to sell, he says: ‘At last there’s hope, and people aren’t worried that they’re going to get rockbottom prices.’