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Philip Hall
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Affable New Zealander Philip Hall qualifi ed as a barrister and solicitor there before moving to Britain 15 years ago. Since then his career has revolved around strategic communications – previously for Finsbury and now as a senior partner at Portland, where he leads the fi rm’s disputes team and its revamped private client offering. As a specialist in litigation communications and crisis management, Hall says his HNW clients often arrive ‘when something has gone terribly wrong’. He must be doing something right, as an increasing fl ow of referrals from law fi rms has helped grow Portland’s disputes team to 12 people. ‘I think lawyers now know that strategic comms – not just reputation work – is an essential part of managing the issues that private clients face,’ he says. ‘The number of fi rms that come to us wanting to make sure comms is baked into these complex litigation matters from the start is growing enormously.’ Hall prides himself on being able to solve the knottiest problems that HNWs face – even when the issues have a business or a family dynamic as well a legal one. However, that should never mean losing sight of the north star: ‘Winning the legal case is always the priority.’