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Phil Hall founded PHA Media (now the PHA Group) in 2005, with three simple aims in mind: ‘I wanted to work with passionate people, I wanted to be known for delivering a strategy, not just talking a good game, and I wanted the industry to talk about us.’

He has certainly achieved those aims. The agency, which started with one client (Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills), now has 60 active businesses and high-profile individuals on its books, employing more than 50 staff at its HQ.

Its reputation management business has established a sturdy reputation, with leading law firms such as Schillings and Carter-Ruck enlisting it to advise clients. ‘We know what we do matters to our clients and letting them down is not an option,’ says Hall.

Its crisis team covers the full gamut of prevention and management, equipping clients with personalised services to defuse crisis and mitigate risk.

‘Fully auditing the risks of a potential media crisis and having a plan in place should the worst happen is key,’ says the firm. ‘Our specialist team will put together a proactive plan, as well as training your key spokespeople to handle difficult questions from the media.’