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The founder of PHA Media cherishes clients who have stayed with the company since the firm’s inception 12 years ago. ‘The loyalty shown to us by clients proves there must be something right,’ he says. Phil Hall is pleased with the momentum the 90-strong company continues to gain, with turnover ‘increasing every year’. PHA Media attracted more than 30 new clients in 2017. ‘The old adage “Today’s newspaper is tomorrow’s fish and chip paper” is no longer the case.’ the former News of the World editor says. News ‘is now there for ever and it’s an issue’. Perpetrators can go to great lengths to defame someone. ‘In our experience you can get people making allegations in a legal case to just try to bring the other side to settle – they exaggerate their claims and twist the facts.’ The good news is that Hall, who is known for protecting Sir Cliff Richard from false accusations, is the go-to for countering smears. ‘What we’re very good at is making sure our clients get into the national papers on a positive front.’ Hall says HNW communications advisers should ‘know where the skeletons are’, rather than helping clients based on ‘half-truths’: ‘Know the full complex story once and for all before giving them advice. Without the knowledge, we can’t do our job properly.’