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Petronella West
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‘I really believe that the more senior you become, the more selfawareness you need,’ Investment Quorum’s newly appointed CEO tells Spear’s over coffee.

‘I think some of the dangerous situations I’ve seen in the past in terms of business leaders is where you stop being self-aware.’

Petronella West is one of the most empathetic and charismatic personalities in wealth management, and stepping into the hot seat after Investment Quorum co-founder Lee Robertson’s departure has only made her more conscious of her communication. She swears by business coaching, and fully appreciates the ‘fantastic woman’ who structures her ideas in a way that helps her carry the company as well as the management buy-out forward.

For West, change is important. She points to her CIO Peter Lohman, who diligently tracks every aspect of next-gen ideology, even at 65. ‘He’s so forward-thinking,’ she says. ‘Reading about the tech revolution, what millennials are thinking, and how the world is changing.’

The boutique firm is set to look after over £300 million of assets and has the half-billion mark as its next target, says West. She prefers to look beyond the UK’s current political problems. ‘We’ve got a changing globe with the younger population coming through – 40 per cent are on the other side of the world,’ she says, ‘and we’re worrying about Brexit?’

Outside of her role, West is also heavily involved in charity work.