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Petronella West
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Petronella West always makes the time to interact with Spear’s, even if it is in the midst of a transition from a management buyout, staff recruitment for expansion and an infrastructure overhaul, during a pandemic. She finds one weekend to catch up over Zoom.

‘We increased turnover and we increased profitability significantly,’ she says, quoting a £500,000 profit for the financial year for the boutique. One of the main factors was ‘a big IT upgrade’ West brought in to transform the business in 2019. That decision is now paying off, while traditional wealth managers struggle to stay afloat in the crisis.

She is proud of how nimble this makes Investment Quorum: ‘We’re now in the cloud and we can operate from anywhere.’ She is coordinating with cybersecurity experts DarkTrace to ensure data security for an even more comfortable experience for clients. ‘I want every client to have that experience of smoothness. I say to everyone, “We have to have such interlinked thinking,’” she says.

West stresses that Investment Quorum offers much more than that, though. She regards EQ to be as important as IQ when dealing with the complex needs of her clients. ‘I don’t like the word “holistic”,’ she laughs. ‘But that’s what we are.’