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Peter Wetherell
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Wetherell knows Mayfair like nobody else, as his Twitter handle @mayfairguru suggests. He has focused on the area for his entire career and has joked that if he had to quit his job, he would be ‘practically unemployable’. That seems rather unlikely.

‘Mayfair, I think, is probably in its most exciting decade for nearly a century,’ he says. The numbers seem to back that up, with Wetherells achieving 30 per cent-plus premiums on rival postcodes like SW7 (being ‘beaten’ only by SW1X, by 1 per cent), and securing half the area’s sales in the past twelve months — not to mention eight deals in excess of £15 million.

Highlights include a Mayfair mansion sold on offer at nearly £5,000 per square foot for £48 million; an ‘uncut gem’ of a house from the 1740s, the Grade I-listed One Mayfair Church (formerly St Mark’s) in North Audley Street and the ‘record’ sale of an unmodernised apartment on Charles Street after 40 viewings and fourteen offers.

But the best is yet to come, he says, highlighting the ‘enormous’ step-change due in the next decade with 400 new residential units coming to Mayfair — a 10 per cent stock increase and a 20-25 per cent population boom: ‘There is so much happening,’ he says. ‘We are regaining the crown as London’s most prestigious neighbourhood.’