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Soft services may be all the rage these days — not least among property firms looking to boost their bottom lines in a bruising market. But few offer Quintessentially’s list of can-dos. Best known for its concierge services, the firm branched into real estate in 2007, offering search and acquisition services and post-purchase care for private clients, corporations, funds and family offices — and ‘access to the inaccessible’. You don’t need to be a member to access these services.

‘When dealing with extremely high-net-worth individuals, the most important thing is to always go the extra mile,’ says Mosgrove, highlighting access to the firm’s international network of 60-plus offices. ‘People only remember the smallest details — it’s the stupid little things like counting all the picture-hooks on a wall. They’ll never remember the fact I saved them £250,000.’

Buyers in Ibiza and the south of France peruse properties by helicopter, while Mosgrove, Quintessentially Estates’ CEO since 2010, personally managed to secure a last-minute purchase of an £11 million penthouse overlooking Ipanema beach for one client four days before the start of the 2014 World Cup.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt to be a member of the sister Quintessentially group. ‘I think we closed the pyramids for someone to propose to their wife,’ says Mosgrove.

We might not yet know how much it costs to buy one, but at least we know who to ask.