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Paula Higgleton
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Deloitte’s vice chairman and head of family office services Paula Higgleton has specialised in advising families for 25 years. ‘Our role is really guiding families and making sure that they can respond to any changes that come down in the pipeline that we need to be aware of,’ she tells Spear’s.

Higgleton heads up a team that helps clients create structures to effectively manage and preserve wealth. The firm’s family office consulting team, established in 2017, is going ‘great guns’, Higgleton is pleased to report.

Family offices, she says ‘need to be designed in a bespoke way’ for each client. ‘When someone says they want to create a family office it’s a bit like saying, “I want a car” – there are so many questions that you could ask.’

It’s been a busy year for the firm, as it deals with ‘various political and economic issues’ affecting its international clientele. Higgleton has also noticed an upsurge of interest in succession planning from clients. ‘A lot of the succession planning is being driven by the next generation themselves,’ she says. Younger generations are seeing wealth differently, too. ‘They want to give something back, they are very philanthropic and into impact investing, so they have a very different outlook on the world.’