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Paula Higgleton
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‘I’ve been there, done that, got the T-shirt,’ jokes Deloitte’s doyenne of private wealth, Paula Higgleton about the depths of complexity and the many tomes she has dived into during her 25 years in tax.

Higgleton, a private client partner and vice-chairman at the Big Four firm, reports a year of exciting new recruits and the establishment of a family office consulting team, primed to create and maintain family offices over significant generational shifts.

‘Many entrepreneurs do think they are immortal, they genuinely do,’ she observes. ‘We gently help them realise that actually they’re not and that they do need to plan to make sure the next generation are engaged and prepared for the responsibilities that wealth brings.’

Higgleton notes that some areas of the tax landscape are finally becoming more navigable. ‘Much of it is a lot clearer these days,’ she says. ‘Take the residence rules, for example: we now have much more clarity about how they work.’

But there’s no denying that more simplicity is needed still, and this is where Higgleton’s expertise comes into play. ‘It is still very complicated and you have to make sure the legislation is being interpreted properly to ensure certainty about what the tax treatment is going to be,’ she says.