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Patrick Wilson
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‘When I joined Credit Suisse in 2006, I arrived with no clients – just a phone, a computer and a fantastic platform to work with,’ recalls the brilliant former history teacher and author Patrick Wilson. ‘It was a daunting but exciting opportunity.’

How did he get to where he is now? ‘Initially, I built my client base via targeted prospecting of entrepreneurs, as well as a focus on top corporate executives. I leveraged the contacts of investment bankers within the bank and focused on building a network across the firm. Within five years, I had become Credit Suisse UK’s top revenue producer.’

Spear’s puts his success down to an affable personality. ‘Private banking for me is all about building relationships,’ he says. ‘Each client has their own story, many of which are hugely inspiring, and their own unique set of needs. Empathy is paramount.’

When the bank was advising on the sale of an international commodity trading business, the runner-up for Spear’s Wealth Manager of the Year in 2018 approached one of the founding families with a view to potentially managing some funds.

Wilson recalls: ‘By closely listening to their needs and interest, we created a fully bespoke ESG portfolio.’