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Paddy Harverson set up Milltown Partners in 2013, having been the Prince of Wales’s right-hand man and, before that, director of communications at Manchester United. The business is a partnership between Harverson and DJ Collins, Google’s former London communications head. Milltown Partners offers discreet, high-stakes advice to a number of big names, whom the firm has too much discretion to reveal. However, a peer confides to Spear’s that Harverson ‘acts for some of the biggest names in the corporate and HNW world’. The firm has also been expanding its portfolio and influence. Harverson is known to be working with British Cycling on its defence in relation to allegations of bullying, sexism and various acts of discrimination. It is also widely believed – although not confirmed – that Milltown represents the Saudi government. Having also worked for the Financial Times, Harverson is known for his deep understanding of the journalism profession. ‘The most important thing is to really have a plan: to approach the idea of reputation and privacy management like you would approach a business challenge,’ he has previously told Spear’s. ‘The media’s interest in business leaders is greater than it’s ever been and the vulnerabilities and the risks to be managed – especially when things go wrong, of course – are greater than ever,’ he adds.