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Pack Off!

The world's most expensive package holiday has landed, but it'll be taking off without me.

The world's most expensive package holiday has landed. Or rather, taken off, landed, taken off, landed, taken off, etc. It features the frightful prospect of seeing seven cities in seven days, from Tokyo to Los Angeles via Abu Dhabi, London et al. The cost is £125,000, thanks to Barradoro.

Horror of several dimensions arose in me when I read this press release. First, even if you substitute private jets landing in Shanghai for lukewarm pina coladas by a Spanish pool (as the press release boasts), it is still a package holiday – not personal, not unique. If you could afford £125,000, you would almost certainly want to plan a holiday around your own desires.

Second, who could possibly want to see seven cities in as many days? The travelling would be exhausting, and by the time you passed through your twenty-fourth timezone, you'd forget which side of the world you were on. It might make a good compare and contrast exercise in top restaurants and clubs around the world, but you'd soon be falling asleep in your soup.

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Plus the whole idea misses the point of holidays: most HNWs spend their lives flying from place to place, and if they desire stimulation on holiday, it most usually comes in the form of in-room massage or by-pool bestsellers, rather than finding yourself in a different city each time you wake up. Perhaps the kids of HNWs, without jobs or the need for sleep, might find this an appealing holiday, in which case, bon voyage! (x7)