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When we spoke last year, Niri Shan was philosophical about the role of a lawyer in reputation management.

‘The fact that a lawyer would specialise in reputation management is something that another lawyer would find quite surprising,’ he said.

However, the Taylor Wessing partner and head of media is glad there is ‘a greater understanding’ now of the scope of advice legal minds can offer, which often transcends law.

‘You’re a counsellor as well as a lawyer,’ he says. This year, our phone call was cut short by an ‘urgent Guardian deadline,’ confirming his statement that his year has been ‘extremely busy… growing the team has strategically paid off.’

Highlights included ‘working on obtaining an injunction against an anonymous blackmailer in defamation, privacy and harassment, to stop the release of false criminal allegations to the media’.

He has also been advising clients on protecting their privacy during the divorce process, obtaining an anonymisation and reporting restrictions order to protect a wife and child from media intrusion following an award of £115 million in financial remedy proceedings.

One contemporary who has known Shan for more than a decade says his ability to manage ‘demanding and often unrealistic’ expectations makes him stand out: ‘His calmness, depth of knowledge and breadth of experience relieve the stress for clients