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It was Tait who obtained the injunction of the year in the celebrity threesome case, PJS v News Group Newspapers, where the identity of the entertainment figure has been extensively published in the US and online. Despite the leak, he says it is still possible to keep such details airtight in future, but it may be time to ‘go back to the days of the superinjunction’ in cases involving public figures.

‘The press have got to be very careful of information leaking out in America again, as the courts will realise pretty soon that this is intended to defeat injunctions,’ adds the defamation heavyweight.

Carter-Ruck’s esteemed head of defamation and media law is hailed as a ‘mentor’ in his field by peers. Known for securing six-figure payouts for celebrities as well as acting for corporate giants such as Tesco, Tait is currently suing Google over the right to be forgotten, regarding it as defiant over data protection issues and privacy breaches.

He says it is often ‘hit and miss’ with takedown requests, which he suspects are the result of the internet giant being so inundated with such requests that it had resorted to hiring college students to make takedown decisions: ‘The law is generally clear, but Google don’t seem to be that concerned to be bound by it — they take a generous
view of what they think is in the public interest.’