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Nigel Tait
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Nigel Tait’s practice is extremely busy, so he often expects to work outside normal hours and through weekends to meet urgent deadlines – ‘but that’s par for the course’, he says cheerfully. How did Tait, who received a commendation in the Reputation Lawyer category at the 2017 Spear’s Wealth Management Awards, get into the industry? ‘My friends were getting snapped up by the City firms but they seemed to do long hours without much client contact. I applied late, and one of the firms which had a vacancy was Carter- Ruck. I didn’t know anything about it… it sounded quite fun, so at my interview I told them it was my passion. I haven’t regretted it; I wouldn’t swap this job for anything.’ That enthusiasm keeps Tait on his toes. ‘It’s got far more technical and expensive. Do-gooders come along in parliament and want to reform the law: they’ve quadrupled the expense and quadrupled the delays. And the abolition of the jury [in defamation cases] has tilted the balance away from claimants,’ he explains. ‘Another significant change is social media: one has to act so fast now to stop a story. Sometimes you can‘t even wait half an hour before a given story just spreads like wildfire.’ Tait’s work on PJS v News Group Newspapers Ltd is particularly impressive. ‘That’s killed or mortally wounded the kiss-and-tell story,’ he says. Reputation lawyers and clients everywhere have reason to be grateful to Tait.