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Nigel Bishop
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Bishop makes rare deals happen in the South-West, from finding hidden moors to helping a couple to secure adjacent properties — an uncommon phenomenon in the countryside. ‘The chances of finding two suitable properties that are next door to one another, that were going to work — we could wait ten years for that to happen,’ he says.

His experience in seeking out the most hidden homes in the moors, as well as having an extensive list of contacts, helped him put the two homes together: ‘I gave them what they wanted; they really didn’t expect that to happen as quickly as it did.’ He admitted it was no easy task, though. ‘It was a lot of work, took a lot of time, there were a lot of headaches with it, but we got there.’

Last year was one of his best in the seventeen since he founded Recoco. ‘I have been hugely successful in acquiring high-value waterfront properties for country estates,’ he says, despite the waterside market’s slow growth in recent years due to high prices and limited stock availability. ‘I’ve bought two this year out of the four or five anybody would have bought.’

Bishop, who takes pride in having what he calls a ‘lifestyle business’, is warm and familiar with clients, who say he ‘listens and listens and then listens a bit more — respects the client at all times and adapts’.

A familiar face to many, he tells Spear’s about being recognised as a local magazine’s property columnist at a recent Christmas party. ‘People know about it and talk about it. I quite enjoy doing that actually.’