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As the new head of private client services at Deloitte, Nicola Roberts is now responsible for the Big Four firm’s provision of tax services both domestically and nationally. ‘It’s been an incredibly busy year,’ she says.

‘I have been doing a lot of work in relation to the proposed changes to the taxation for non-domiciled individuals and the inheritance tax regime in relation to UK residential property.’ There has been added frustration over the way legislation has been published and delayed over the past year, particularly the 2017 Finance Act. ‘Change brings uncertainty and that individuals and businesses like things to be clear and certain,’ says Roberts.

The former Spear’s Young Turk award-winner is amazed by the complexity of changes to the property regime. ‘The residential property changes in particular are conceptually quite straightforward but the drafting of the changes seems unnecessarily complex,’ she tells Spear’s. ‘They aren’t very intuitive, but when we are going through it with clients there’s no short-cut, you have to go through the minutiae.’

Roberts has a holistic approach to advice: ‘You have to have a commercial approach because tax is only one element on which clients make decisions,’ she says, adding that advisers should ‘give a recommendation and not sit on the fence’. Spear’s can only agree.