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Nicola Roberts
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Nicola Roberts is the highly commended head of private clients at Deloitte. She oversees a ‘big, diverse practice’ that does ‘all the things you’d expect us to do’.

‘London is the base for our international private client work,’ she says. ‘Outside of London it tends to be more domestic entrepreneurs, UHNW individuals and family offices.’

Roberts focuses on two areas. The first is UHNW international family offices; she looks after every aspect of their taxes, whether their wealth is in businesses, investments, trusts or real estate. Her other sphere is financial services. ‘We look after senior private equity partners and hedge fund owners who are invariably also international, and may also have a family office,’ she explains. ‘It’s a bit of a Venn diagram.’

Her team does considerable work on real estate. Deloitte has the biggest real estate transactions team of the Big Four and has devised an ingenious scheme to connect sophisticated buyers with deep industry expertise.

‘We’ve taken some people out of that team with their deep industry knowledge and combined them with people who work for families so we can do a “brick to bodies” surface service,’ Roberts explains. ‘I will advise on how you bring the money in and how you might structure it, and the property team advise on financial due diligence, tax due diligence, financing, all that kind of stuff.’