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Nick Grant
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Nick Grant’s initial application for work in finance didn’t go well: ‘I was told in my first interview, “I don’t want to waste my time training you up for two weeks, just for you to leave.”’ He reapplied, this time for a full-time job rather than an internship. ‘Out of 400 applicants and five interviews, I ended up getting it.’

Following a business degree and boutique financial work, Grant’s step into Psigma’s managed portfolio service seemed a natural move. ‘As a house, they have a strong investment process which has met its long term targets,’ he told Spear’s last year. ‘The culture within the firm is very positive, very entrepreneurial,’ he adds, in contrast to some large firms, who often ‘lose contact with their clients, making them feeling like a number rather than a person’.

Grant enjoys ‘enriching conversations with clients about how they’re finding their relevant industries and business’. He adds: ‘Usually, if someone has grown or saved enough assets to be professionally invested, they will have an opinion on where they see future opportunities and concerns.’

Although equities are in a late market stage, Grant observes that this could go on either for a week or for years. Under conditions of such volatility, he emphasises the need to ‘be selective in your investments and know why and what you are buying – it is predominantly about being diversified, but also using the right asset class at the right time.’