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Nicholas Grant
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Nicholas Grant says the markets have been ‘distorted’ by volatility in recent years. Regardless, his objective is negotiating the ups and downs with the least degree of risk possible – which is possible with the workings of Psigma’s inflation-adjusted portfolios. When equities were down almost 10 per cent last year, Grant’s portfolios ‘captured under half of the downside’. ‘If you’re a client, you’d say, “I’m getting the returns I want and the profile is working.”’ The inflation-plus approach has seen Psigma ‘outperforming peer groups quite comfortably’, says Grant. The strategy has gained the firm even more personal referrals, as well as fortifying relationships that have been fostered for more than 40 years. Grant observes that the eurozone’s ‘deteriorating’ activity could bring potential good news to the UK. ‘There’s not a lot of people comfortable with Europe at the moment, but sometimes watching that herd mentality creates the opportunity to bring investments into it.’ However, he still is cautious about the region’s trajectory. ‘If Europe is not allowing countries to join and leave freely, it’s more like you’re tied to it, whereas actually Europe should be wanting to be part of that larger momentum.’