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The trading floor of the London Metal Exchange
The London Metal Exchange has been hit by law suits following its cancellation of almost $4bn in trades. Image: Jason Alden/Getty

The fundamental principles of market making and settlement have been put under the spotlight in recent days as the London Metal Exchange has been hit with two lawsuits following its cancellation of almost $4bn in trades that were made in early March. While traders rail against the intervention, we examine how the LME came to its decision – and what the whole farrago tells us about the way all markets can, do and should work.  

Meanwhile, one of the more fashionable political theories of the past few years has been that Covid-19 would kill off populism. But a surprise victory for parties on the left and right fringes of French politics this week suggests this may have been a case of wishful thinking. Matthew Goodwin, a professor of politics and an associate fellow at Chatham House, has been taking a look at where the political movement is heading next. 

Middlethorpe Hall
Middlethorpe Hall is on the outskirts of York. Image: Courtesy Middlethorpe Hall

In London, a week of rail-strikes has forced many of the Spear’s team onto their bikes, but one reporter had the foresight to leave the Capital and head to Middlethorpe Hall, a charming country hotel hidden on the outskirts of York. Her review not only gives us an insight into the hidden charms of Britain’s historic houses, but a strange craving for black pudding… 

McLaren Artura
McLaren Artura. Image: McLaren

And finally, our partners at McLaren have posed the question: what makes a supercar? The new Artura suggests that power is only one element of the equation. 


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