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SPEAR’S WEEKLY: Inside the house of cards

SPEAR’S WEEKLY: Inside the house of cards

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Illustration: Robert Jackman

On Monday the new edition of the Spear’s magazine hit newsstands with a coverline that now looks rather prescient: House of Cards. 

Our story is not about machinations in Westminster, however. At least, not the ones you’re thinking of. Instead, we take a look at the implications of the Economic Crime Bill (which is set to endure even after then end of Boris Johnson’s premiership). The bill’s effectiveness rests on Companies House, the UK’s corporate registrar. But the organisation is in a parlous state. Deputy editor Chris Hawes charts its history and weighs up the challenges to come. 

Meanwhile, the Spear’s 500 team have turned their attention to the finer things in life. Yesterday we published our selections of the leading advisers covering everything from romance to superyachts and horses.  

Every adviser in our rankings has been profiled on the Spear’s 500 website, where you can search according to factors such as location and expertise. You can also see the subcategories of this week’s index here: 


Illustration of Viscountess Hinchingbooke
Illustration of Viscountess Hinchingbrooke by Ross Tudor

Elsewhere, we’ve been speaking to Julie Montagu about life as an American Viscountess and getting her view on a recent Coutts report.  

And finally, our partners at McLaren explain how electricity can be used to optimise drive performance when combined with innovative engineering. 

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