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Nathalie Hirst

Nathalie Hirst
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‘Sometimes, when you’re a good buying agent, it’s a slow game,’ says Nathalie Hirst. She recently told a prospective German buyer, for instance, that it simply wasn’t possible to purchase a good enough property before the next budget. ‘You have to be very honest with people; you’ve got to set realistic timeframes,’ she says.

‘However, buying something on the first day I’m with a client has happened – I think twice in 25 years.’ Otherwise, the search can take two years or more. Hirst explains that her role extends beyond simply finding properties. ‘I always say to clients that even a blind pig could find a truffle,’ she says. ‘What I do is very much about giving serious advice on a serious subject. It’s usually the most amount of money they spend out of their own wealth.

Finding aside, it’s all about the negotiating and making sure that someone is the preferred bidder.’ Hirst has enjoyed her status as a top 10 buying agent since her Spear’s debut in 2015, which was the also the year she was crowned our Property Adviser of the Year. She began her career by relocating international bankers from Goldman Sachs, UBS and JP Morgan to London. She latterly joined Property Vision and Prime Purchase, before striking out as a solo operator in 2013.