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Nathalie Hirst

Nathalie Hirst

Nathalie Hirst
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It has been a tough year for London’s top property experts, but the best of the best remain open, honest and, most importantly, optimistic. Nathalie Hirst, Spear’s 2015 Property Adviser of the Year, tells us she’s had to adapt after what she describes as being her ‘worst ever in terms of acquisitions’. She adds: ‘The uncertainty in the market has paralysed people, and understandably I did more rentals than purchases. And although it is reassuring to read about some major transactions taking place – and in fact I was outbid between Christmas and New Year on a property that originally came on the market at £140 million – these stories are few and far between.’ However on the other side of the coin, ‘for opportunist buyers, this is an excellent time. Vendors, however, have to be realistic and appreciate the quality of the bid, and not just the bottom line figure.’ Hirst began her career in property more than 20 years ago relocating bankers from Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and UBS to London. Now an eminent figure in the business of relocating global HNWs to prime central London, she has a clear and important mantra: ‘I am a buying agent who only buys – and never sells.’ Peers unite in praise. ‘Nathalie operates at the top end of the market and feedback from clients is always positive,’ says an industry expert. ‘Incredibly nice. Incredibly hard-working. Incredibly successful.’