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Nathalie Hirst

Nathalie Hirst

Nathalie Hirst
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A Spear’s Property Adviser of the Year award-winner, Nathalie Hirst began her career in property more than 20 years ago by relocating bankers from Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and UBS to London. She later joined two of the best-known buying firms in London – Property Vision and Prime Purchase – before striking out on her own five years ago.

Now an eminent figure in the business of relocating global HNWs to prime central London, she has a clear and important mantra: ‘I am a buying agent who only buys – and never sells.’

Hirst says uncertainty made for an ‘absolutely dire’ 2017, before sentiment lifted late in the year. ‘A lot of people have lost a lot of money trying to outwit the market – but I am absolutely confident that now is a good time to go back into the market,’ she says. ‘It may go down, but you can be too much of a clever dick… We have to just move forward.’

Peers unite in praise. ‘Nathalie is excellent. She operates at the top end of the market and feedback from clients is always positive,’ says an industry expert. ‘Incredibly nice. Incredibly hardworking. Incredibly successful… No idea where she finds the time,’ says another. ‘Even on a smaller deal, she applies the same levels of dedication and quality service and attention to detail.’

‘Easily the most active buying agent in prime central London by a mile – frantically busy and the best,’ says another.