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Most expensive bike in the world

Ultra Rare Porcupine–$750,000:

Ultra Rare Porcupine

Befitting of its name, this Porcupine is ultra rare and created a milestone when it won the inaugural modern Grandprix Championship in 1949. Built by AJS, the 500CC Ultra Rare Porcupine was given its name because of the spiked fins on its cylinders.

AJS claimed that the Ultra Rare Porcupine E95, a modified version of Ultra Rare Porcupine E90S, produced 55bhp at 7600rpm.

Built with aluminum alloy and DOHC twin, the Porcupine bike ensures a low centre of gravity. It was on the same bike that legendary racer Leslie Graham rode to victory in the FIM 500 CC World Championship, making Britain proud.