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Miranda Fisher

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Miranda Fisher
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Charles Russell Speechlys has offices all around the world, and no lawyer encapsulates this internationalism more than jetsetter Miranda Fisher. ‘I have big-ticket cases in London, but more than my fair share of international,’ she says.

Fisher is known for her work in Russian or Russian-speaking cases. The coronavirus pandemic has put a spanner in the works, but Fisher remains optimistic: ‘I suspect I will be travelling again by autumn. This isn’t going to change the international nature of London.’ She also specialises in ‘Part Three’ claims, which govern the bringing of financial claims after a foreign divorce. Her most celebrated case was that of Natalia Potanina, who was granted more money after her divorce from one of the richest men in Russia.

‘People are moving towards protecting inherited property or wealth, and treating property accrued before a marriage as separate,’ says Fisher. ‘And forum shopping – that’s something that judges are concerned about.’

Although some are in favour of ‘reducing generous maintenance for wives’, she insists that the English jurisdiction is still ‘obsessed with fairness’. ‘Russian males are instantly on the back foot!’ she laughs.