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Michael Parsons
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Michael Parsons is a client-facing CEO at Wren. Founded in 2016, the firm is also backed by WE Family Offices in the US and MdF Family Partners, one of the leading independent multi-family offices in continental Europe.

Wren is hugely recommended by distinguished contemporaries, including William Drake and Ross Elder, who tells Spear’s: ‘Michael has had an exceptional career at Lord North Street, then Sandaire. He founded Wren with all the right values and cultures.’ He adds that Wren’s Edward Tollemache ‘puts his clients first and provides the best advice’. The firm also has an impressive head of client relationships in Drew McNeil.

So what kind of offering is it? ‘£25 million is our starting point,’ says Parsons, and the firm offers premier advice to UK, European and US clients in a joined-up way. ‘We describe ourselves as a multi-family office, effectively acting as a family’s outsourced investment arm of their private office. That’s our core offering.

‘It can work for individual families who don’t have an office of their own, it can work for family offices who don’t have an investment capacity in-house, or it can work for endowments.

‘We’re in this for the long game,’ adds Parsons – and he clearly means it.