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Michael Magnay

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Michael Magnay
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It’s been two years since Société Générale’s mega-merger of two historic British banks, Hambros and Kleinwort Benson. Michael Magnay, a director responsible for some of the UK’s most important HNWs, is one of the firm’s stars.

‘He runs a number of our key clients covering entrepreneurs and inter-generational families,’ a colleague comments, adding: ‘That’s a very powerful combination.’ Magnay thus has his finger on the entrepreneurial pulse, as advising business owners often involves setting up structures to transition ‘new money’ to the next generations of a successful family.

Magnay has a multi-disciplinary approach to the often complex cases he handles. The director, who was instrumental in creating Kleinwort Benson’s private investment office, uses his extensive knowledge across all investment disciplines to keep client affairs in place. His tax structuring skills come in handy too, especially for non-dom clients as well as UK-domiciled entrepreneurs.

‘Volatility comes and goes, corporations wax and wane, crises rear their ugly heads, but if one constructs prudently managed portfolios all storms can be weathered,’ he has previously said:

Magnay is also one of the top 5,000 tennis players in the world: ‘Real tennis, that is!’