Matthew Fleming

Matthew Fleming

Stonehage Fleming

Matthew Fleming
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Responsible for business development, succession and the next generation, Matthew Fleming is today the only full-time Fleming partner in the business. As a result, he also plays the important cultural role of ambassador for the firm which bears his name.

He has had an enviably varied career, starting out as a forklift driver before joining the army and then playing professional cricket for Kent for 13 years. He joined the family firm in 2002 and has held a number of roles since.

‘There are actually lots of similarities between all the jobs I’ve done,’ he says. ‘There is the leadership aspect, the teamwork, the culture and institutional side. The values that underpin the army and cricket are broadly similar to those at Stonehage Fleming.’

Working with the next generation of HNWs and UHNWs presents a number of challenges, the most important of which is enabling constructive communication between the generations. ‘It isn’t any different to other parents and children, but the challenges are compounded by the significant responsibilities that sit alongside great wealth,’ he explains.

The starting point for Fleming is to help these families understand and articulate to each other the purpose of their wealth: ‘This then gives them a framework for decision making and a reference point for measuring whether decisions are good or bad.’