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Matthew Fleming

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Matthew Fleming
Wealth Managers 2019
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Matthew Fleming is responsible for helping Stonehage Fleming’s clients to develop and implement their legacies and strategies for inter-generational success.

‘Our starting point is to help families understand and articulate to each other the purpose of their wealth,’ he says. ‘This then gives them a framework

for decision-making and a reference point for measuring whether decisions are good or bad.’

Fleming has established a new business unit to deliver a standalone family governance and succession proposition. ‘Family governance and succession is central to everything we do, but previously it came under our wider family office offering,’ he tells Spear’s. ‘Family disputes, lack of leadership and failure to engage the next generation are the top risks to long-term success.’

Fleming also launched the next gen advisory board in March, which pools together nine members of the firm aged 25-35 who are tasked with providing new solutions to its service offering.

‘It has been an enormous privilege to support some amazing, entrepreneurial families to define a purpose and vision for their wealth to ensure they have the best possible chance of long-term inter-generational success,’ he says.