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Martin Pointer QC has appeared in no fewer than 100 reported cases since being called to the Bar in 1976 – an achievement no other family barrister can attest to.

His expertise lies in division of intractable assets, particularly concerning arguments as to why matrimonial assets should, or shouldn’t, be halved.

For a flavour of his work, he tells Spear’s that he recently made a special contribution argument for a husband who has a £600 million share in a multibillion-dollar company. But in his view the law on special contribution is not clear enough – it ‘needs to be resolved’, he says, adding hopefully: ‘I’d like to be able to do that if I get the chance.’

Pointer is also highly skilled in handling forum disputes, and he appeared in the Court of Appeal earlier this year on a question of competing divorce petitions. With 70 per cent of his work having an international dimension, it’s no surprise to learn that he has several
Cayman Island cases running at the moment, and considerable experience of Hong Kong and Gibraltarian courts.

Pointer’s opinions on the shape of divorce law are worth listening to: ‘I don’t think cryptocurrency is going to have any real effect,’ he suggests. Rather, he says, ‘The most interesting question is whether the courts are going to row back from what was said in White about 50:50 division of matrimonial assets.’