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Times are changing in the estates world. ‘We’re having to be more inventive – and slightly cleverer,’ says Mark McAndrew, Strutt & Parker’s estate and farm department head, based in Mayfair. ‘It’s not the people phoning up and saying “I want to sell my estate”,’ he explains. ‘It’s people who are sort of thinking yielded over 250 brace’. Although grouse moors and agricultural estates are rare, Macpherson never allows clients to compromise on the quality of a purchase. ‘That only comes with considerable experience,’ another testimonial reads. ‘While we were keen, the more he got to know us, the more he encouraged us to exercise caution and, ultimately, restraint.’ Macpherson is often lauded for his lateral thinking and loyalty to clients, as he personally ‘abhors’ conflicts of interests in the marketplace. Acting mostly on repeat business and referrals, he’s known as a ‘master dealer’ by peers, with expertise in the farmland market, major residential developments, break-up positions, and the sale and purchase of country property. ‘I like nothing more than to head up or be part of a professional team effort, to ensure the best result for my clients,’ he says. about it, but are a bit nervous. They’re nervous because of Brexit and they’re nervous because of the economy. It’s the dreadful word that is our world at the moment – uncertainty.’

A steadfast country property hand, McAndrew will celebrate 30 years at Strutt & Parker in November. Clients come to the approachable and goodhumoured ‘country boy’ and Royal Agricultural University graduate from ‘every corner’ of the world, and all walks of life. ‘We find that a banker from Goldman Sachs who’s earning millions of pounds a year would love to spend one week a year sitting on a tractor, carting corn,’ he previously told Spear’s.

Privacy appears to be more popular than ever, and noticeably fewer sales are now conducted publicly, he says: ‘It’s a small market, so it can be hard to tell sometimes… but it’s happening more than it was before. Age and knowledge have both helped a little bit there,’ he laughs.